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Top 8 Highest Paid DJs in 2023

8. Afrojack

Payment: $16 million

Genres: Dutch house, trap, electro house, progressive house, big room house, dance-pop

Age: 32

Nationality: Dutch

Real name Nick van de Wall, Afrojack is a Dutch DJ and remixer. Afrojack began his career at the tender age of 14 and has been affiliated with the industry since 2003. He is known for record production, songwriting, and music programming.


7. Zedd

Payment: $17 million
Genres: house, electro house, progressive house, complextro, EDM
Age: 30
Russian nationality
Born Anton Zaslavski and affectionately known as DJ Zedd, he is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) specialist and is among the highest paid EDM DJs around.
Being a famous DJ, he plays at different venues and produces for artists.
He is known for his unique musical approach and has worked with some of the most prominent EDM artists.
At 31, he has a Grammy Award and, in addition to his impressive discography, he has one of the highest EDM DJ salaries as of 2023. He is known as a DJ, record producer, songwriter and instrumentalist and grew up in Germany.

Dj Zedd

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