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The most impressive cars of famous DJs

7. Calvin Harris McLaren-12C


Calvin Harris is one of the most famous DJs and millionaires in the world of electronic music. He is currently ranked number 1 among the highest paid djs in the world, with revenues of $66 million per year. With such a high amount of money, we are sure that Calvin Harris will have no problem when it comes to buying a luxurious car.
In his garage is one of his favorites, I am talking about a McLaren Mp4 – 12C which he drives daily through the streets of Scotland to walk with his wife and family. This vehicle is valued at 223,110 Euros and is one of the best English-made supercars, and it is not at all strange to find it in Calvin Harris’ garage.

8. Dj tiesto – Ferrari

Asi luce Dj Tiesto en su Ferrari

Recognized by many as the best DJ in the world Tiesto has taken advantage of his talent and has built a garage with the best cars on the market.
Dj Tiesto has been an example for other famous djs and new generations, the Dutchman has become an eminence when it comes to talking about electronic music around the world. All the success he has had throughout his career has allowed him to live a life full of luxury.
Tiesto is a lover of speed and boasts a million-dollar garage that makes any collector of luxurious cars delirious. The one that shines the most in his garage is a green Ferrari that he wore in one of his Instagram posts where he also has millions of followers.

9. Deadmau5 – Ferrari 458 Spider

Deadmau5 has plenty of talent and that’s why he always gives a lot to talk about in the world of electronics in all his social networks, he has a Ferrari customized by the same Dj in a very strange way with Nyan cat stickers giving it the name of Purrari which makes us think that he has done it in the form of a mockery of this important brand.
After the musician attached several stickers to the Ferrari, they completely changed the original design of the car. A short time later, the company contacted the DJ to demand that he remove the stickers that he had put on the car.
The DJ agreed to the call and completely removed all the stickers and ended up selling it to buy another model and despite the fact that Ferrari did not prohibit him from buying one again, the Canadian DJ has bought cars from said company again

These famous and world-renowned DJs have a great passion for music and that is why they are where they are now. However, they also feel something very special towards luxurious engines and cars. Along with this, they also take time to personalize it at will and make them stand out from their collection. Without a doubt, these beautiful cars steal the eyes and attention of people.