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The most impressive cars of famous DJs

4. Marshmello – Lamborghini Aventador

Dj Marshmello has a super fast Italian brand vehicle in his garage. This luxurious Lamborghini is valued at about $518,000 and Marshmello himself was in charge of customizing it to his liking. As if this were not enough, this beast has 770 CV of power, being one of the most longed for by celebrities. Barely 31 years old, the famous dj Christopher Comstock better known as Marshmello has this luxurious car in his collection.

5. Steve Aoki – Ferrari 458 Spider

The famous and talented Japanese American EDM DJ and producer and also founder of the record label Dim Mak Records rides the streets with this beautiful car. This car has a V8 engine and a power of 605 CV. It is currently valued at $273,000 in its cheapest versions. Steve Aoki was in charge of giving it a magical touch and customizing it to his complete liking.

6. David Guetta – Renault Twizy

The famous French DJ confesses that he is not a big fan of cars. So much so that he lost his driver’s license indefinitely due to several accumulated speeding tickets, I declare that he doesn’t care too much about having a garage full of rare cars. However, this has a tiny electric Renault Twizi for basically urban use after the manufacturer chose David Guetta as the protagonist of the ad for this model and he included it in the video clip for the song Alphabeat.